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26th August 2014

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snape week - day 1 - favorite quote
      “You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making. As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don’t expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses… I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death — if you aren’t as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach.” 

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26th August 2014

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for anonymous

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26th August 2014

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SNAPE WEEK: Day 2: Severus + Emotions

"Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked this easily […] stand no chance against his powers!"

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26th August 2014

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Thoughts on “Deep Breath”

As far as good first impressions go, the title is clever.  It’s a reference to the obvious breathing-related plot issues, but it’s also a reference to the extra-textual position of the episode itself as a kind of “deep breath” between Doctors.

After the title, of course, things get a little messy.

I would like to say first that Capaldi is brilliant, and I already adore Twelve.  Fussy Scottish Doctor with attack eyebrows and a bright red satin coat lining?  Yes.  Sign me up.

The episode itself, however, was full of all of the usual malarkey I’ve disappointingly come to expect from this show.  The idea that the last Doctor’s young face was a mask, and that now he trusts Clara enough to show her a face to match his soul, was intriguing, until it was turned into, “You, Clara, are responsible for seeing through the barriers the Doctor deliberately puts up, and when you don’t, you are a silly, foolish girl to be blamed, judged, and ridiculed, while the man who was deliberately attempting to fool you gets a free pass just because he is the Doctor.”  Leaving Clara alone without explanation, in fear for her life, was terrible, but then it becomes Clara brilliantly manipulating the villains into answering her questions and keeping her alive, which is fantastic, until of course that turns into “5’1” and crying.”  ”You do not smile, I will smile and then you’ll know it’s safe for you to smile” and “I wouldn’t want you to change, I’m happy to play your games” are lovely, until they become unapologetic name-calling and his sarcastic “Yes ma’am.”  (This was a classic case of the undermining female authority with taunts of “control freak” and “bossy” trope, and while RTD’s era also had this problem in spades, this era’s use of it is still inexcusable.)  The idea that the Doctor is terrified and needs Clara to remind him of who he is and what he does is good, until it becomes Eleven posthumously emotionally manipulating Clara into a situation in which she clearly does not feel safe.  (And she doesn’t feel safe for good reason; the Doctor has already abandoned her twice, either to die at the hands of robots or to be stranded in Victorian London for the rest of her life, in the span of one adventure.)

A more obviously dark Doctor is going to be lovely, I just wish the reasoning were clearer.  What in Eleven’s life was so tragic that Twelve has become so dark and brooding?  He’s not post-Time War, like Nine was; in fact, he’s post-Reversal of the Time War.  If anything, he should be even more lighthearted than he was before. Similarly, his comments about earth being the “planet of the pudding brains” would have held a good deal more weight if the antagonists had, in this case, actually been human.  A Doctor exhausted with humanity, that kind of “ask me how far I will go to protect them, because I’ve already come a very long way” weariness, sounds fascinating, but only if the characterization makes sense, and so far it doesn’t.

On the subject of Jenny and Vastra, Jenny deserves better.  Vastra orders Jenny about despite claims about their marital equality, tricks her into adopting what looks like a fairly taxing artistic post simply because she “brightens up the room,” and blatantly flirts with Clara until Jenny has to physically turn Vastra’s head away and remind her she is married.  Also, that kiss was sort of cheating, and I demand a real kiss immediately.

Miscellaneous observations:

  • Moffat seems still to be in Sherlock headspace.  ”Have there been any similar murders,” the Doctor repeatedly telling people who aren’t talking to shut up, and “the Doctor has taken up the case” all made me slant my eyes at the television, and “the game is afoot” actually made me groan out loud.
  • The references to “The Girl in the Fireplace” (however tenuous—these robots needed human parts to repair their ship in the middle of industrial London…why, exactly?) gave further credit to the half-references to Capaldi’s previous appearances on the show (“I’ve seen this face before”), so that should be interesting.
  • Why does the TARDIS transport whatever is around it, too?  Since when did it start doing that?  I know dinosaurs are cool, Moffat, but please at least make an attempt.
  • Very nice reference to gay porn in Clara’s subconscious.  Yes, I did catch that, thank you.
  • Twice, the Doctor says to someone, “There’s no point in us both…,” whether it’s to the old man about his coat or to Clara about them both getting caught and killed, and I’m not sure if this means he’s going to be even more blatantly selfish this go-round, but I really hope it doesn’t.
  • Oh joy, another mystery woman romantically involved with the Doctor.  She had better at least be a female Master, or the Rani, or something.  Come on, now.
  • Yes, I did catch the parallel to Rose in “The End of the World,” and yes I did appreciate it.

And finally, this has nothing to do with anything, but Mark Gatiss on Chris Hardwick’s AfterWho special making umbrella-related Mycroft jokes in matching purple-red socks and tie was giving me heart palpitations.  I am not supposed to like you, sir.  Stop running around with Mycroft’s face and matching socks and tie, you are distressing my brain.  (I love the fact that he is the adult with regards to Wholock possibilities.)

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26th August 2014

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26th August 2014

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John Barrowman with Marina Sirtis at Chicago Comic Con 2014.  She came up behind him and put her hands over her eyes to get him to guess.  The look on his face when he saw it was her was so sweet.  John gave her a huge hug and told us all what a Trekie he is.  I was close and the interaction was really sweet, totally genuine. I have a feeling that a lot of these conventions are like summer camp for these guys. 

Sadly, I was not close enough to take 4 totally focused pictures, though. Sorry about the blur on the two in the middle.  I just thought they were too cute to delete.  Just look at them small and they’re fine.  :)

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26th August 2014

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On Gender Norms and Celibacy




You know what, I’m really sick of all these gender stereotypes, but what I’m really sick of is this apparent need for guys to get laid as soon as they can, but in girls celibacy is revered. But if a guy decides to stay a virgin, suddenly they are pathetic and weak. You know who died a virgin? Sir Isaac Newton.

Yeah, you know, the guy who came up with the law of universal gravity?

So you don’t need to have sex to be awesome, smart, and overall a nice guy.

And just for this reason I will go by the headcanon that Snape is a virgin. Why? Because I’ve seen people claiming that he doesn’t need to be so pathetic and that he should just get laid in response to a fic where he was, in fact, celibate. It disgusts me that the only quality people seem to view in men is their ability to have sex. What if they don’t want to? Are they suddenly weak?

Not only that, but Snape is a highly private person. He would not want to get intimate with any random person he meets on the street. He’s a pretty emotional guy, though he tries to hide it, and seems like the type that would want to only have sex with someone he has an emotional attachment to, and we all know the only one he did care for is dead, and arguably we’re not even sure if his love for Lily is romantic or platonic.

Plus, it’s possible he just doesn’t care about sex at all and has no time for it. Or, you know, he’s asexual and isn’t attracted to anyone sexually. I’ve been playing with the idea that he’s asexual and panromantic, because if his love for Lily is romantic, he loves her because she’s Lily, not because she’s a girl. He would happily love her even if she was male or transgender, and there doesn’t seem to be any lust coming into it, despite what people think.

So thank you; all you people generalizing genders have made me want to make one character go against the norm, just because I fucking can.

(To be honest, I have trouble putting my thoughts into words. I mean, I can imagine what I’ll say is pretty eloquent, but when I actually try to write it down I fail miserably.

I know a lot of you are probably thinking that I’m a horrible person for forcing my beliefs onto a fictional character, but my beliefs wasn’t the original reason for this headcanon. I already thought his personality made it very likely that Snape wouldn’t go around getting intimate with just anyone, but I was going to go with the idea that did lose his virginity at some point just because it would make the least amount of controversy, and it wasn’t even like I would make a point to mention his state of celibacy. It wasn’t until I saw someone yelling at an author for making Snape celibate and that he wasn’t some pathetic guy lost on Lily that I got angry, and just to spite that person and the idea that not having sex at least once makes a man weak, changed my headcanon.)

Hey, as one of the two Snape fans who is asexual, I like this post. 

Apparently Sir Isaac Newton had a gay relationship (and historically, he was far from a nice guy… admirable yes) but I suppose there’s no absolute proof either way.  But fair point.  And Headcanon accepted; this view makes a lot of sense, imo.

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26th August 2014

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M*A*S*H rewatch2x02 - ‘5 O’Clock Charlie’

"It’s not funny, hiding a person’s weapon!"

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26th August 2014

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SNAPE WEEK | Day 1: Favourite Quote

Snape’s breathing was shallow. “Her boy survives,” said Dumbledore. With a tiny jerk of the head, Snape seemed to flick off an irksome fly. “Her son lives. He has her eyes, precisely her eyes. You remember the shape and colour of Lily Evans’s eyes, I am sure?” “DON’T!” bellowed Snape. “Gone…dead…” “Is this remorse, Severus?” “I wish…I wish I were dead…”

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26th August 2014


It’s okay. I also had a crush on Thomas Jefferson.
Tell me all about it.

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22nd August 2014

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22nd August 2014

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mongette replied to your post:ELLA FITZGERALD.
HA! Read that just as Ella & Louis Armstrong were finishing up “Moonlight in Vermont” on my iPod!

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22nd August 2014

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That is all.

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22nd August 2014

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Favourite character meme: 1/6 traits - caring, supportive and proud of Slytherins (i.e. Head of Slytherin pride)

Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.

Slytherins are associated with cunning, ambition and a tendency to look after their own. Slytherin has produced its share of Dark witches and wizards, but unlike the other houses, members are not afraid to admit it as one of the Slytherin traits is ambition and greatness. Its students are often feared by the other houses, but most Slytherins are actually very kind (unless you happen to get on their bad side for some reason). It is true that some Slytherins have achieved greatness through evil deeds, but there are just as many if not more who have done great, non-evil things to achieve greatness.

Slytherins are always striving to be the best, something they have in common with Ravenclaws. However, Slytherins will never leave their own to be the best.

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22nd August 2014

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so Charlotte Bronte read Emma by Jane Austen and was really interested in this minor character named Jane Fairfax who was poor and would have been a governess had she not married well and then Bronte wrote her own novel exploring the plight of the poor governess who married this guy named Edward Fairfax Rochester in a novel called Jane Eyre and my point is don’t let anyone tell you shit about fanfiction.

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